March 17, 2023
A TN Visa is available for up to 3 years for Canadian citizens who are coming to the United States to work in certain professions. There are about 60 popular professions that qualify Canadian employees of American companies for a TN Visa.

A degree in the same field is required for all but one of these professions. Generally, TN Visa workers get their visa application reviewed and approved at the airport in Canada by DHS.

However, the position of Management Consultant provides an exception. If one has 5 years of experience in a consulting filed, a degree is not required. Actually, not having a degree is a difficult obstacle to overcome. Most DHS analysts are used to the professions having degrees, and a lawyer has to work extra hard to make sure the exception and the experience in a consulting field are well documented and explained, so that the case may be approved.

Although we successfully process many TN visas, here I would like to mention a rather tricky case involving a position of a Management Consultant who has no degree in this field, which was approved by DHS a few weeks ago. Our client, a former citizen of Ukraine (citizen of Canada) was a self-employed Management Consultant from Canada, who was coming to the United States to continue working as a self-employed Management Consultant to provide services to a specific American client.