Business-based Immigration
Individuals who wish to work temporarily in the United States must hold a nonimmigrant visa specified for the type of work being performed and for the purpose of travel to the United States. Various categories (classifications) of nonimmigrant visas are available to individuals to work in the United States.
Employment & Business Visas
Employment-Based Immigration
Employment-based Green Cards or Immigrant Visas are different than Temporary Employment-based Nonimmigrant Visas, they differ in particular requirements. Filing the appropriate employment-based immigrant visa application requires a deep understanding of the goals of both – the foreign employee and the business seeking to hire.
Employment & Business Visas
Family-Based Immigration
US citizens and lawful permanent residents are able to sponsor certain relatives for permanent residency in the United States. These eligible relatives are grouped into different classifications for family-sponsored permanent residency.
List Of Family-Related Visas
Immigration Court and Removal / Deportation
The US Department of State publishes its opinion on the political and other conditions of almost every country. That includes such topics as corruption, the treatment of minorities, the judicial system, etc. If the circumstances described in your biography do not coincide with the opinion of the State. Department of conditions in your country, you have to work more to win your case. Be sure to consult a lawyer.
ELements Of Successful Asylum
VAWA allows victims of abuse, who are close relatives of US citizens or Green Card holders, to apply for a change of their status themself.
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Victim of a Crime? You May Be Entitled to a Green Card through a U-Visa.
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Extra-Ordinary Abilities
Visas for people with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim and who are coming temporarily to the United States to continue work in the area of extraordinary ability. It is also available to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary television or motion picture industry achievements.