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How the Violence Against Women Act Helps Victims File for Immigration Visa
The family-based immigration process is supposed to reunite noncitizen family members with their loved ones in the United States. However, there are some cases where this process can be used to abuse and control noncitizen family members by withholding...
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July 27, 2023
How the U Nonimmigrant Status Can Help Victims of Criminal Activity
Being a victim of a crime is traumatic enough, but it can be even more difficult when the victim is an immigrant. Many immigrants who are victims of crimes are afraid to come forward because they fear deportation or retribution from their attacker. However,...
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July 24, 2023
The Essential Guide to Adjustment of Status in the United States
Moving to the United States can be a dream come true, but the legal process of becoming a permanent resident can be overwhelming. However, the adjustment of status is a process that can help you get your Green Card without having to return to your home...
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July 15, 2023
USCIS Reverts to the 2008 Version of the Naturalization Civics Test
On Dec. 1, 2020, USCIS implemented a revised naturalization civics test (2020 civics test) as part of a decennial test review and update process. USCIS determined the 2020 civics test development process, content, testing procedures, and implementation...
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March 17, 2023
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