Discover Winning Asylum Strategies with The Birg Method

1. Tie Legal Conclusions to Your Facts and Evidence with a Legal Brief
Never force the judge to figure out which of the facts presented in your story fit the relevant legal standard.
Explain how you meet the legal standard for getting your asylum claim granted.
2. Consider Your Audience
Judges prefer cases to be formatted differently from how they are submitted to the USCIS. Even different judges have their own preferences.

Our job is to know each judge’s preferences and to submit your affidavit, evidence, and other documents in a manner suitable to a particular judge.

Help the judge help you.

In preparing the case, we also consider the needs of all others involved in the process, including the asylum officer’s supervisors, the prosecutor, and even the Appellate Court Judge (if your matter needs to be appealed in the future).
3. Consider Your Competition
Your competitors are other asylum applicants.

Statistically, there are always winners and losers. Your case must stand out in terms of the quality and the clarity of the presentation.

Show the judge or the asylum analyst that you and your lawyer take this matter seriously and that their work is respected by submitting a well-organized case.
The Birg Method – a comprehensive legal strategy designed to help you get results.

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