Commonly-Asked Marriage Interview Questions

March 17, 2023
In many cases, the marriage to a US citizen forgives many immigration violations, but the immigration service usually carefully examines everything in the interview. Often the interview can be difficult, it can be recorded on video for future viewing and spouses may be in different rooms, answering the same questions. In connection with such matters, the Birg Law carefully prepares clients for interviews, suggesting potential questions to be asked.

The following is a list of typical questions that may be asked at an interview:

1.What is your name?
2. What is your current address?
3. What is your date of birth?
4. What is your spouse's date of birth?
5. How, when and where did you meet your spouse?
6. Where was your first date?
7. When did you see your spouse for a second time?
8. Where did you go the second time you were together?
9. When did you and your spouse first exchange telephone numbers?
10. Where and with whom did you live when you met your spouse?
11. Where and with whom did your spouse live when you first met?
12. Where did you work when you met your spouse? What type of work did you do?
13. Where did your spouse work when you met? What type of work did your spouse do?
14. What type of work do you currently do? Where do you work? How long have you been working there?
15. What type of work does your spouse currently do? Where does your spouse work? How, long has your spouse been working there?
16. What is your work schedule?
17. What is your spouse's work schedule?
18. What is your salary? How often do you get paid? Is it cash, check, etc?
19. What is your spouse's salary? How often does your spouse get paid? Is it cash, check, etc?
20. Are both of these salaries deposited into the same hank account?
21. What bank account do you use? Is this the only bank account you each have? Does either of you have another bank account? If yes, explain.
22. Who pays the bills?
23. Did you have a car when you met your spouse? What model, color, etc?
24. Did your spouse have a car when you met? What model, color, etc?
25. Are these the cars you and your spouse currently drive?
26. If not, when did you and/or your spouse change cars?
27. If you now have cars, how much money is owed on them? How much is the monthly payment?
28. How long did you and your spouse date prior to getting married?
29. When did you and your spouse decide to get married? Was there a proposal? Who proposed? When and where did the proposal take place?
30. Did you and your spouse live together prior to your marriage? When, where, and for how long?
31. Have you and your spouse exchanged wedding bands? If yes, when?
32. Where were they purchased and how much did each cost?
33. Did you purchase them together?
34. Who paid for them? What method of payment was used?
35. When did you and your spouse move in together?
36. Who moved in with who?
37. What furniture or other items did the person moving in bring to the new home?
38. When did you get married?
39. If you had a celebration, what food/beverages were served?
40. Where was the celebration?
41. Who catered the celebration?
42. Did you and your spouse go on a honeymoon? If yes, where did you go?
43. How did you purchase the honeymoon travel package, or who made the arrangements for
44. the trip? How much money did the honeymoon cost?
45. How long did you travel for?
46. How did you get to your honeymoon destination?
47. Who pays the rent/mortgage? How is it paid? (Do you mail it? Pay on line?)
48. Where does your landlord live, or what company holds the mortgage on your property?
49. Who else lives with you?
50. When did he/she/they move in?
51. How many bedrooms does your home have?
52. Are all the bedrooms on the same side of the home?
53. What size bed do you and your spouse have?
54. How many pillows do you and your spouse sleep with?
55. Describe the pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Color, material, etc.
56. How many drawers do your nightstands have?
57. What type of light do you have in your bedroom? Lamps, ceiling lights?
58. What side of the bed does each of you sleep on?
59. What rooms in your home have ceiling fans? Where were they installed? Who installed them?
60. How many bathrooms does your home have?
61. What are the color(s) of the bathrooms?
62. Where are the clean towels/sheets kept?
63. Where is the toothpaste kept?
64. Do you have a washer/dryer in your home? If yes, where is it located?
65. Who does the wash? Where and when?
66. How are socks folded in your home?
67. Do you dry-clean any article of clothing? If yes, where?
68. What days of the week is the garbage picked up? Where is the garbage deposited?
69. When was the last time you ate out? Where did you go?
70. What family does your spouse have in the United States?
71. Do you know any of them? If yes, what are their names and where do they live?
72. Do you or your spouse take any regular medication? If yes, what medication and when?
73. Who cleans the house? When is the house cleaned?
74. What type of clothing is worn by your spouse to sleep?
75. When was the last time you went to the movies? What did you see? What theater did you go to?
76. What side of the car is your gas tank on? Your spouse's car’s gas tank?
77. Where do you eat dinner? Table, countertop, living room, etc.
78. What gift did you give your spouse on his/her last birthday / Christmas?
79. What gift did your spouse give you on your last birthday / Christmas?
80. Where did you spend last Thanksgiving?
81. Since you and your spouse married, have you taken any trips, together or alone? Explain.
82. Where are the groceries bought? Who buys the groceries?
83. Who is your cable provider?
84. What is your home telephone number?
85. Where is your mailbox located? Does it have a key? Who gets the mail?
86. When was the last time you went to a churchor house of worship?
87. How many televisions are in your home? Where are they located? When did you acquire them?

This summary is not intended to be a legal consultation and is intended to be a general description. A legal consultation is necessary before any action is taken. Please call Birg Law (847) 579-9989.